Monday, December 29, 2008

15 Points to Understand Intuitive Risk-Taking

15 Points to Understand Intuitive Risk-Taking
By Mick Harrison

1. Look for fewer assurances

2. Be willing to accept failure as a prelude to success

3. Listen to your intuition. It can be your guide to extraordinary productivity

4. Be willing to speculate on your intuition

5. Take large risks only when there is a reasonable chance of success

6. Risk primarily in areas where you have personal experience

7. Take small risks in areas of low experience and accept failure to gain seasoning

8. Be self-confident in your ability to make decisions

9. Since there may be no second chance, take the reasonable risk now

10. Be less thorough – don’t retreat to analysis

11. Understand that obstacles are opportunities to win

12. Significantly increase your chance of success by setting many risk-taking events in motion

13. Remember that success is directly proportional to the number of chances taken

14. Confront situations that cause you to feel fear

15. Understand that by risking yourself you are truly experiencing life

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Are they Financial Teachers Or Preachers?

My post is going to be short on this subject, but I need reasons from you readers on this subject, why is it that those that gives us financial advice are either in debt or have no more. Example of bankers and brokers? is it that they are in the process of gaining wealth using the advice that they are purpoting or is it that they are just experimenting on the thoeries on making wealth with the public who are preormiananly suffering financialy?Could that they are simply taking advantage of the financial desperate by giving them false hopes?

It is quite evident thatthe formulas don't seem to be working for the people who claim to have the magic formula to creating wealth, Most of this preachers turn defensive by saying that their students should only focus on what they say rather than what they do.

But if the real money making tool is the mind then we might as well say that they are justified because by being there in the mind then it means you can be there materially, but I would recommend being taught to make money by teachers, teachers here being people who have already made it financially raher than preachers who only drive is their dreams and fallasies.

The world is experiencing one of the worst financial depression are you going to rich or poor, Millionaire being created during this financial recessionread on this article why this the right opportunity to usher in financial sucess

Why you need to invest your money?

Keeping your money in the bank does not help at all. whether you are invest in any form be it fixed deposit account, the thing is you are not investing.

Money looses it values. If today you have invested in a fixed deposit account, and happy to get your reward in the next 10 years. You are loosing your money, remember money depreciate and the trends shows that it drepreciate in value alot than appreciating.

This is one reason why you need to invest your money into business, real estate rather than keep it in a bank. Why give banks your money to do business of which the profit you will never ever smell but only to read their end year financial statement of how much their profit margin is growing.

You can only benefit from these bank if you are a major shareholder, note" Major Shareholder. But just becoming a ordinary shareholder you will never make money from banks

Millionaire are being created during Recession

The world is undergoing a difficult time, Recession is hitting below the belt, before we proceed further. The term recession simply means the following.

a) Financial Dipression
b) Economy Depression
b) Financial Slumpdown
c) Economy Slump
d) Financial downturn
e) Economy downturn
f) Financial decline
g) Economy decline
h) Financial collapse
i) Economy Collapse

Now you know what we are talking about here, are you affected by one of the above scenarios. It very simply, this time many rich people are going to be created in the next 10 years from now. The point is the decision you make now in terms of investing will materialised in the next years.

Companies are financial depressed and people are loosing their jobs, homes, C.E.O are becoming with no companies to run, now by the way rich people are becoming poor, if you loose a billion dollar investment it will take good time to get it back, that means many rich and financial waelthy are going to be just millionaires rather than being billionaires.

With poor or middle class people with low income earning, this is the time to catch up with these former billionaires the field is now open, it is like a 100m race, do not wait to take off, this the right time.

Where to get started
1. Stock market is at it's knees, you do not need to wait anymore since you can afford to buy.

2. Real estate, people are selling their house to pay debt, you can now buy a house at fair price

Remember these two are just but the hardest hit by the world finacial crisis.

Friday, December 26, 2008

9 ways a person can become Rich by Robert Kiyosaki

Robert Kiyosaki is the author of the best selling book called Rich Dad, Poor Dad, in his Guide to investing the author explores someways that can make you Rich, financially
1. You can become rich by marrying someone for his or her money

2. you can become rich by being a crook, a cheat, or an outlaw

3. You can become rich through inheritance

4. You can become rich by winning the lottery

5. you can become rich by being a movie star, a rock star, a sport star, or someone outstanding in one field or another

6. You ca become rich by being greedy

7. You can become rich by being Cheap

8. You can become rich by being financially smart

9. You can become rich by being generous

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Money as a medium of exchange

The more we have much money the more we can do much. Money as a means of exchange enables people to do alot of activities in this world.
With money you can
a) Buy a dream house
b) Buy a car
c) Buy business
d) Invest in business
e) Offer service to your clients
g) Promote good governance
h) Eradicate poverty
i) Solve cisis
j) Get good education

It is becoming extremely impossible to trade without money, the more you have it the better chances of having higher means of exchange, the better lifestyl and living healthy, good relationship. So money in itself is not bad but what we use to exchange it with, thats what's makes it bad or good. What monetary request do you seek from your creator

What monetary help do you seek from your almighty

When we pray to our creators about improving your personal being, we normally believe and hope to have our creator listen and answer our prayers, from our worse condition to better condition. But do we really put monetary figure for our creator, it is very easy to ask for a car, a house but do you get it easy to ask for certain amount of money, or you believe that money is the root cause of all evil. If you need money ask and be particular on how much you need, do not pretend that you need it but on the other hand you believe it is a sin to have large amount of money.

Man, commit sin either has much money or no money

Money we can say either cause man to sin when you do not have it, you will be tempted to commit robbery, kill people, cheat people just to have it. On the other hand if you alot you can promote activities which can cause death, leave people poorer or engage in corruption.

Money and Man

In the world of toady man has to rely on money to achieve almost everything, we are approaching a century where man will totally depend on money, Do money defines what's a man is in today's society.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Why is money Good

We all believe money is bad, but without it you life is more frustrated than if you have. So my question is is money good or bad