Saturday, December 27, 2008

Millionaire are being created during Recession

The world is undergoing a difficult time, Recession is hitting below the belt, before we proceed further. The term recession simply means the following.

a) Financial Dipression
b) Economy Depression
b) Financial Slumpdown
c) Economy Slump
d) Financial downturn
e) Economy downturn
f) Financial decline
g) Economy decline
h) Financial collapse
i) Economy Collapse

Now you know what we are talking about here, are you affected by one of the above scenarios. It very simply, this time many rich people are going to be created in the next 10 years from now. The point is the decision you make now in terms of investing will materialised in the next years.

Companies are financial depressed and people are loosing their jobs, homes, C.E.O are becoming with no companies to run, now by the way rich people are becoming poor, if you loose a billion dollar investment it will take good time to get it back, that means many rich and financial waelthy are going to be just millionaires rather than being billionaires.

With poor or middle class people with low income earning, this is the time to catch up with these former billionaires the field is now open, it is like a 100m race, do not wait to take off, this the right time.

Where to get started
1. Stock market is at it's knees, you do not need to wait anymore since you can afford to buy.

2. Real estate, people are selling their house to pay debt, you can now buy a house at fair price

Remember these two are just but the hardest hit by the world finacial crisis.

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