Monday, December 29, 2008

15 Points to Understand Intuitive Risk-Taking

15 Points to Understand Intuitive Risk-Taking
By Mick Harrison

1. Look for fewer assurances

2. Be willing to accept failure as a prelude to success

3. Listen to your intuition. It can be your guide to extraordinary productivity

4. Be willing to speculate on your intuition

5. Take large risks only when there is a reasonable chance of success

6. Risk primarily in areas where you have personal experience

7. Take small risks in areas of low experience and accept failure to gain seasoning

8. Be self-confident in your ability to make decisions

9. Since there may be no second chance, take the reasonable risk now

10. Be less thorough – don’t retreat to analysis

11. Understand that obstacles are opportunities to win

12. Significantly increase your chance of success by setting many risk-taking events in motion

13. Remember that success is directly proportional to the number of chances taken

14. Confront situations that cause you to feel fear

15. Understand that by risking yourself you are truly experiencing life

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