Saturday, December 27, 2008

Are they Financial Teachers Or Preachers?

My post is going to be short on this subject, but I need reasons from you readers on this subject, why is it that those that gives us financial advice are either in debt or have no more. Example of bankers and brokers? is it that they are in the process of gaining wealth using the advice that they are purpoting or is it that they are just experimenting on the thoeries on making wealth with the public who are preormiananly suffering financialy?Could that they are simply taking advantage of the financial desperate by giving them false hopes?

It is quite evident thatthe formulas don't seem to be working for the people who claim to have the magic formula to creating wealth, Most of this preachers turn defensive by saying that their students should only focus on what they say rather than what they do.

But if the real money making tool is the mind then we might as well say that they are justified because by being there in the mind then it means you can be there materially, but I would recommend being taught to make money by teachers, teachers here being people who have already made it financially raher than preachers who only drive is their dreams and fallasies.

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